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Several people have inquired if they can become an RN in 18 months. For those of you that are unfamiliar, a RN is a Registered Nurse. The easy answer is anything is possible depending on the coursework you can handle and your drive. After all, we have heard of 18 year olds graduating college! Nowadays, there are several online degree programs that offer RN in 18 months courses. No matter what you decide, take the time and make sure the program is accredited. The National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the accrediting body for all types of nursing education programs.

Is an RN in 18 months practical?

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, then yes a RN degree in 18 months can be practical. Online RN classes and an accelerated BSN may be completed because many of the classes that you took as an undergraduate like biology, chemistry, human anatomy etc. are prerequisites to the RN program. If you have not already completed a bachelors degree you may qualify to complete a degree program in less than 18 months as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) with the option to later complete a LPN to RN online degree program. One aspect to consider with online RN class work is if the college or university has a clinical requirement to become a RN in 18 months. Many classroom RN programs end with extensive time completing clinical. Clinical can be completed in a classroom that is equipped with simulation medical equipment or they may be completed in a hospital setting with real patients. Regardless, you are always under proper instructional supervision.

Do you really want to complete an accelerated RN program? Is a RN in 18 months the type of nurse you want taking care of you when you are sick? You must answer these questions and they are the same questions that employers consider when hiring new registered nurses. Who do you think is more valuable to a new employer, a person with little or no clinical experience or someone with extensive experience? Obviously any experience you can gain while working on your RN in 18 month is going to make you more valuable to potential employers.

With that being said, we are not discouraging you from trying to earn an accelerated on RN degree; RN in 18 months. Many people before you and many people after you will complete their online degree programs and lead successful careers. Hopefully you learned about the basic requirements of a RN in 18 months, do more research, and think about if a RN in 18 months is right for you!

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